Ickobrews acknowledges that its responsibility towards enterprise development and BBBEE is integral to its role as a positive and meaningful contributor to the South African economy.

To this end, and as part of our BBBEE efforts, Ickobrews enjoys a joint management agreement with a 100% black-owned enterprise.

We assist this transport partner in the acquisition of new trucks and trailers through the issuing of personal sureties and cross-guarantees for finance purposes, and provide administrative and technical expertise without any financial or cost implication.

The Ickobrews training centre also provides ongoing training to and evaluation of the firm’s heavy vehicle drivers.

In this way Ickobrews is assisting with growing our BBBEE partner’s turnover and facilitating job creation to previously disadvantaged groups.

Through the joint management agreement, the two companies provide a road transport service to almost every industry sector in the market.

Both organisations have Level 5 BBEE certification, and we constantly drive all relevant criteria to improve our BBBEE scores.