Investing in our people In an effort to constantly develop our people, we have established a comprehensive training centre that focuses on upskilling staff in their key area of expertise. Skills advancement is addressed at every level to enhance our competencies, from driver and computer training to management development. Particular emphasis is placed on ongoing safety training.
  The Oakley Group has taken part in this formidable event in 2015 raising awareness and funds towards the Children in the Wilderness (CITW) charity drive.

The four-day tour, first ridden in 2005, was started as a means of raising funds for Children in the Wilderness (CITW). The inspiring educational charity takes children from community villages on the peripheries of wildlife parks in seven SADC countries to Wilderness Safaris camps in these parks, where a fun-filled environmental and life skills programme aims to inspire them to protect their wildlife heritage.  

CITW also runs educational eco-clubs in village schools to encourage the children to continue with their education, as well as keep their love of wildlife and their heritage alive. It is a most admirable charity, credit for which environmental legacy that it has created.
The beneficiaries are Club 21, a non-profit learning centre that empowers and develops learners with Down syndrome, as well as Pathways Pretoria, a centre supporting and educating learners with moderate to severe disabilities.

The Golf day held in support of the “Be The Hero Foundation” was attended by Oakley Group employees Doreen Visagie and Jan Smal as well as valued clients. 

Money donated to the funds will be well spent on developing infrastructure for schooling as well as the purchase of a farmland where numerous projects can be rolled out including bio-tunnels, recycling and 197 storage units, all of which will ultimately provide for further employment opportunities. A green approach to the building design means that only earth friendly materials will be used to ensure a healthy relationship with the environment, again something the Oakley Group feels very strongly about.

The Oakley Group was also proud of the fact that they walked away with the winners’ trophy for 2014, no mean feat considering that some of the other contenders were serious golfers.
  Golf Day
Kutullo, established September 2001, runs a programme to protect and promote the interests and wellbeing of disabled people from the previous disadvantaged group and to integrate them within the community. They also offer life skills and support and provide guidance and empowerment to these individuals.

The Oakley Group is committed to the upliftment of adjacent communities and has made a substantial donation to the Kutullo Disability Care Centre which will greatly assist individuals to take part in door to door campaigns to identify the personal challenges at home and within the community of the identified disabled people. There are 26 people working on the project of which the majority are volunteers from the community.

The Oakley Group strives to pinpoint charity drives such as the Kutullo Disability Care Centre as we believe such contributions will foresee an improvement within struggling communities and reach out to disabled and disadvantaged individuals through extensive education and volunteerism.

The Oakley Group has a fully documented and implemented safety, health and environment (SHE) plan to ensure optimal safety standards both within our company and when conducting transport services on behalf of our clients. We are in the process of obtaining our Road Transport Management System (RTMS) certification.

A qualified in-house safety officer documents and implements all the latest safety requirements to ensure we are legally compliant and that all our staff is well informed and trained on workplace safety procedures and practices.

Our in-house training centre prioritises safety, and we conduct monthly safety audits of this facility and across all our operations to monitor compliance.